About CLV Planners

CLV Planners is the East Texas Brand Strategy leader for Content Creation and events.

CLV Planners. Consultants in content creation and branding. Communicating through event management, editorial content creation, and crisis management.


We have a personal approach to understanding the goals of our clients. It's important we understand the organic roots of what brought a company to growth and how we can be part of that story and encourage growth. However, we know a large majority of our clients prefer to not be bothered with the details therefore we have become well known for being the "Just get it done" team.


After a well understanding of both the roots and the expectations of the client and marketing team, we present a lineup of potential content we aim to create.


A timeline if created from casting, to creation, to delivery. You and the client will receive weekly updates on the progress of your content/event.

For a Free Consultation on Concept, Design, and Branding email content@clvplanners.com